Who Doesn’t Like Cake? Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes By Sue Watson

Stella works hard. All the time. This chronic, workaholic lifestyle is exacerbated by a hateful, conniving boss, MJ Robinson who has it in for Stella and makes her life a living hell. She changes her hours, forcing her to work late and leave her daughter in the hands of another mother, she criticizes her work, and then does the worst thing of all. She forces TV Producer Stella, into a new area of the company. Gardening. Stella's mortified, as Gardening is supposedly the last stop before surefire career death, but she charges on, determined to give it her best. This is all done in the face of an obvious lack of support from her husband Tom and disappointment from her daughter Grace.

While on location for the shoot, Stella comes face to face with all sorts of challenges she never imagined! An ex-con who now works as a gardening designer, a pervy 

vicar's wife who doesn't know the meaning of TMI, and a vomiting vicar who's too nervous to show himself on camera. Yet surprise, surprise, the show's an unbelievable success and Stella believes that all she's ever dreamed of is just within reach! Then vicious MJ takes credit for Stella's successes and Stella decides to take a good, hard look at her life.

Will Stella find true happiness? Can her marriage to Tom survive? And what about those fairy cakes?

Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes was wonderful. I was laughing out loud from page one and didn't stop until the end. I particularly related to Stella's mixed emotions over traveling and raising a family. Sue's take on this was spot on. Plus, I loved the recipes! What a great idea. Despite the fact that I was in a perpetual state of hunger throughout the book, and had gained three pounds by the time I finished, it was an excellent read.

Watson has a gift for creating "real" characters. They are people just like you and me who make mistakes and aren't perfect. You find your self rooting for them all the way. Beach season is coming up, so remember to put Stella in your backpack or on your kindle!


To find out more about Sue Watson:

Author page: http://loveahappyending.com/sue-watson/

Author Blog: http://fatgirlsandfairycakes.blogspot.com/

Author Facebook Page Sue Watson Books: http://on.fb.me/jVtddL
Twitter A/c @suewatsonwriter: http://bit.ly/ld3AnA


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