Tuneful Tuesday’s Stressed Out Over A Wicked Game / #TwentyOnePilots / #GemmaHayes

Hello Music Lovers!

Welcome to another Tuneful Tuesday post. I took a little break from my normal features over the holidays, but it’s great to start fresh in 2016! Last year I had quite a bit of editing on my plate and not much writing, but that’s changed. Here’s the music that inspired me this week.

Wicked Game by Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes, courtesy Wikipedia Commons

So you’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a sucker for covers. Or should I say covers that are done well. I’ve always enjoyed Chris Isaak’s original, but there’s something downright ethereal about Gemma Hayes’ version. Irish singer/songwriter Hayes was a regular in the Dublin music scene before landing her first record deal with Source Records at age 23. 

Her first EP 4:35 AM and 2002’s Work To Calm, set Hayes up nice on the music scene. Night On My Side followed, with a successful launch in 2002. After a three-year break, Hayes returned with The Roads Don’t Love You. In May 2008, The Hollow Of The Morning debuted at number 12 on the Irish Charts. An EP entitled, Oliver, released in 2009. Hayes also wrote four original songs for the indie film, Janie Jones, which was released in 2011. She released an EP with Roddy Hart entitled Dylan, a series of Bob Dylan covers. This cover came out in 2012, which also popped up on a show called “Pretty Little Liars” that you may have heard of (tongue in cheek). 2014’s Night & Day and Bones + Longing, followed.

Stressed Out by Twenty-One Pilots

Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

This song falls under the I Have No Idea Why I Like This category. Maybe it’s because I am stressed out MOST OF THE TIME. Who isn’t, right? Twenty One Pilots was formed in 2009 by Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. They got their start through Ohio and in the Midwest before releasing their self-titled debut. In 2010, members Salih and Thomas left and Joseph continued on with new member, Josh Dun. Later that year they released their second album, Regional Best. They gained an online fan base by releasing a video series with Mark Eshelman. In 2012, they sign with an Atlantic subsidiary, releasing the Three Songs EP before working with Greg Wells (Adele) on their next album, VesselBlurryface, the album “Stressed Out” hails from, is their 2015 release.