Tuneful Tuesdays Calls a Cab In a #Halestorm / #TheCab / #music

Welcome to Winter, peeps! We’ve seen temps dipping down to -5 degrees F up to 60 degrees. Ew! Of course, the main feature that’s missing is the sun. Readers of this blog know that when the sun disappears, I crank up the music and try to keep upbeat. This week, I’ve picked up some great artists for you. Let’s see if you’re familiar with them.

American band The Cab playing at Utah’s E Center on 10/16/08. This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

Angel With a Shotgun by The Cab

This rock band makes their home in Vegas! Hopefully the express what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas, won’t apply to their great music.The band’s debut album was released in 2008—Whisper War. This track comes from their 2011 album, Symphony Soldier. Check out this tune and many others from their latest release. You won’t regret it.


Halestorm performing live at the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas August 14, 2012 This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

Get Lucky by Halestorm

So I was a bit on the fence with the release of Daft Punk’s album, Random Access Memories last year. Generally, I loved it, especially the track, Get Lucky, though it got overplayed. However, in stumbling over this cover by Halestorm on Spotify, I was instantly in love with a brand new band. SO I researched Halestorm and surprise, surprise, they are from right here in Pennsylvania. Not only does the band boast incredible lead vocals from Lzzy Hale, the vocals are enthusiastically matched by lead guitarist, Joe Hottinger.Have a listen to this group and get addicted as I have.