Spring Author Series: Tricia Jones

TJ: Thanks for having me on your Spring Author series, Stephanie.

SK: You are very welcome! I'm so pleased that you could join me. So let me just fire away!

SK: Are you a morning person or should others fear you when they cross your path in the am?

TJ: This would depend on who you ask. Me? I’d say I’m a perfectly reasonable sort at any time of the day, while my husband would say he has to stand well back, hand me a glass of hot lemon with water as I pass through the kitchen, let me catch the morning news, feed me breakfast and then, and only then, do I become the woman he knows and loves.

SK: Ha! I love it. Do you prefer coffee or tea? If so, which kind/brand/blend.

Following a bout of caffeine poisoning years ago, I have to avoid coffee. It happened when I was temping at a woefully boring job and the only saving grace was the frequent trips to the break room for the filter coffee they had on tap. It left me hyperactive with crippling headaches and sleepless nights.  So it’s tea for me, preferably decaf or better still, peppermint or lemon and ginger.

SK: How does a typical writing day shape up for you? Are you structured or write only when inspiration strikes?

Like many writers, there’s no such thing as a typical day. I work part-time as an adult education coordinator, so on those days I have to fit in my word count during the evening. On the days I’m at home, I have a semi structure which consists of answering emails, checking websites, promo, etc., then I get down to the nitty gritty of writing. The internet gets switched off and I work for a couple of hours. Then it’s lunch and a chat with hubby, before disappearing for another few hours. We’re also puppy walkers for Guide Dogs, so a couple of walks and playtime with the pup needs to be factored in.

I never wait for inspiration or for a visit from that elusive muse—I’d probably be waiting forever. [SK-I understand that!]

SK: Describe your work approach. Do you work in total silence or with music, tv, etc.? If it's the latter, do you have a preference in music, tv, etc?

It has to be silence. I’ve tried music, but find it too much of a distraction. The only sound I enjoy hearing while I’m writing is the rattling of a tea tray when Mr Jones brings me refreshments. smiley [SK-Excellent! Do you hire Mr. Jones out?]

SK:Tell me about something that inspires you.

When I’m in the zone I can write till I drop and woe betide anyone who tries to stop me.  Happily that doesn’t occur too often, but I think there could be the makings of a workaholic inside me should it be nurtured.  I’m also like a dog with a bone if I’m battling with a pesky plot problem. Just can’t seem to switch off until it’s sorted.

As for being inspired? Well, a good looking man never goes amiss (LOL) but reading a fabulously good book inspires and motivates me to get to the keyboard, as does a lovely day out with hubby and the pup. Recharging the batteries by visiting somewhere beautiful really gives me a lift.

About the Author

Tricia lives in south west England where she’s happily married to her wonderful husband of, ahem, let’s just say several years. Tricia has been addicted to reading romance novels since her grandmother introduced her to ‘love books’ early in her teens. That addiction morphed into writing romance, especially contemporary stories with strong, alpha heroes and equally strong heroines who give their men as good as they get. Travel is high on Tricia’s agenda and she’s been known to pack a suitcase faster than a girl can sneeze.  She also enjoys helping to raise puppies that will go on to become guide dogs.

Tricia is multi published with Samhain and The Wild Rose Press. Her latest contemporary romance, Bull at the Gate, is now available both digitally and in paperback.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Author Series: Tricia Jones

  1. That pesky internet is certainly the bane of writers when working – all too easy to nip in and see what people are up to. Admire your discipline when writing in switching it off. Good thing our other halves are well trained with the tea cups! Am looking forward to your next book. You write such fabulous stories. Kit X
    Another great post, Stephanie. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Stephanie for inviting me to your blog. Unfortunately, Mr Jones works full time for me, so he’s not available for hire 🙂

    Yes, nothing like an alpha is there, Mandy? But probably only in books. Most of my heroes I’d deck at first meeting. Only joking. I’ve read that if you want to slap the hero of your book and kiss him at the same time, then your job as a romance writer is done.

    Hi Kit, that discipline is hard won and can be a little shaky at times (LOL). Thanks for the lovely compliment … and right back at ya!

  3. Great interview, Tricia and Stephanie! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as caffeine poisoning but it sounds dreadful! I certainly need a jolt of caffeine in the mornings, otherwise people best not speak to me. I’m not a morning person either! And ooh I would love to hire out Mr Jones. Or perhaps he could write a manual for the husbands of other busy authors? XX Great job, ladies.

  4. Hi Nicky, there seems to be a whole bunch of writers who aren’t at their best in the mornings. Mr Jones, as it happens, is at his best at that time of day, hence the morning pampering of yours truly. Sadly, he is not for hire, but the manual idea might be worth considering 🙂

  5. I’m perfectly fine first thing in the morning. It’s everyone else. Ahem. I admire you for ‘switching off’, Tricia. Take a leaf…. We need discipline, people! Nice post. 🙂 xx

  6. Well, that discipline has been hard won, Sheryl. I was once the world’s biggest procrastinator and have been known to favour unblocking drains rather than sit at the keyboard. But one of those zero birthdays pulled me up short 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Well, some days it’s easier than others, Melanie, but my output shoots up when I’m strong enough to switch it off!

    Thanks for the compliment, Linn. Yes, the pups are pretty good company, if a little distracting 🙂

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