New York Times bestselling author Finn Burke might be sexy as hell, but his book is a depressing hole of darkness. Which is why grad student Pippa Darling almost refuses his offer to intern for him in Ireland. The thing is, Burke can give her something she can’t achieve on her own: a possible ticket to literary success and a way out of her summer housekeeping job at Dad’s B&B. And who knows? She might learn something, even if Burke can’t compare to her favorite writer—the mysterious James Black.

Finn Burke is a revision addict, to be sure. Nothing he writes today will ever be as good as what he might write tomorrow. His second book was a runaway bestseller, but it’s his failed first book he’s most afraid of repeating. With his agent’s drop-dead submission date of September 1st approaching and nothing written, he needs an intern to help him get organized. But when Pippa Darling shows up, with a bloody James Black book in hand, no less, all his plans go straight to hell.

The more time Finn spends with Pippa, the more she’s the one influencing his writing, and soon he faces an even bigger struggle within himself: let go of his painful memories or remain stuck in the past. As Pippa fights her growing attraction to her mentor, she discovers Finn’s not everything he seems and bestseller lists aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.