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tribal manHello! Welcome to the Paranormal Romance HOWLOWEEN Blog Hop! This hop is running from October 30-November 1, so be sure to read on for tips on how you can win!

Falling In Love

Fall is an amazing time of year. Here in Pennsylvania, we get treated to a super-cool leaf show that lasts through November. I especially love October, because it’s the month I not only met my husband, but the month I married him–several years later. Now, hubs isn’t exactly paranormal, more like abnormal, however, fall to me still means falling in love. And speaking of falling in love, how about a little Shifter love? Check out this excerpt from my latest release–The Star Catcher–when Gabe and Singer, both Shifters, share their first kiss.

Excerpt from The Star Catcher

Singer and I followed Cali to the top of the ridge where we’d stood a moment ago. I watched as Cali flew into Kellen’s arms.

The joy that the dude had on his face. Man, I hoped that at some time in my life, I would have that, too.

Singer turned to follow Cali and K, but I stopped her. “Give them a moment.”

She nodded. Her gaze met mine, and then the weird connection we had returned. In my peripheral vision, I could see Kellen and Cali having their own private reunion, but I wanted to look at Singer. My steps dragged as I walked toward her. I didn’t know what I would say when I finally reached her. I sucked at making things work with girls. Yet, something about Singer made me think things could be different with her. I rubbed the back of my neck.

“We found her.” Brilliant, Gabe.

“Yeah.” It surprised me how weak her voice sounded. I’d expected her to come out with some sort of sarcastic response.

“I’m gonna kiss you, I think.” I am a total loser. Why do I always need to talk out loud about everything I do before I do it?

She nodded, dropping her gaze before returning to meet my eyes. “That would be cool.”

“I mean, I know you can be an immense pain in the ass and everything.”

“Your window of opportunity is closing fast, Stewart.” Singer’s sarcastic voice did return, then. “If you’re gonna kiss me, I’d shut your yap and get on with it.”

Sliding my hand behind her head, I leaned in and kissed her. I’d expected it to be awesome, the moment our lips touched. However, I don’t think I got that Singer’s kiss would set my chest on fire, like a good jar of salsa. I also didn’t know that when I kissed her, I would fall in love with her.

Liked what you read? Stay tuned for more Gabriel Stewart…

The Star Catcher 3

The Star Catcher 3

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