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Hi Everyone! I am super excited to introduce to you some great Indie Authors today. Let’s give it up for Amy Miles and Danielle Bannister! Welcome ladies. Let’s take a moment to learn a bit about you.

The Interview

[SK:] Amy, you’ve always wanted to be a writer, while Danielle came into the writing world a bit *cough* later in life. Do you recall the first thing you wrote?

[AM]: I sure do. I began writing in grade school and had dragons attacking a fair maiden, who of course was later swept off her feet by a dashing knight. Kissing always ensued.

Even at a young age, I was obsessed with danger, adventure and torturing my main characters. My writing did eventually progress into writing my own version Nancy Drew Mysteries and then into the fantasy realms when I was in high school, but my passion for make-believe began long ago.

[DB]: The first real thing I wrote, honestly, was the first chapter of Pulled. I went to school to act, not write. Once I caught the writing bug though, I was hooked. It does mean, however, that I’m behind the curve in terms of learning about the craft so I’m trying to play catch up!


[SK]: At what point did you start feeling it was okay to call yourself a ‘writer’?

[AM]: Calling myself a writer was never hard. Thinking of myself as an author was a different story. At what point are you considered an author? When you write “The End” on your first rough draft, trudge through countless edits, and finally hit publish on Amazon Kindle? Or is it when you complete your second book? Third? A series?

I think this question is answered differently for every writer. For me, I didn’t feel like an established author until after my third book recently came out. Probably had a lot to do with the fact that I take great pride in Defiance Rising, because it was technically my first book. Now, I feel proud to tell people that I am a full time indie author.

[DB]: It took me awhile, actually. I was enrolled in the Maine branch of the National Writing Project, and I still couldn’t call myself an author. It wasn’t until I got in the mail a little white cup that said ‘Writer’ on it that I actually felt like I had the right to call myself a writer. So lame, I know!


[SK]: Who do YOU like to read?

[AM]: I write what I love to read. I can usually be found browsing through the YA section of my library and have been known to give out recommendations to random strangers. And no, I don’t shove my own book in their hands!

[DB]: I’m game to a lot of different genres, but I have a soft spot for books that hold some sort of love story in there. It doesn’t have to be Harlequin type stuff, but some yearning is good!


[SK]: Is there anything unique about yourself that you’d like your readers to know?

[AM]: Amy: Washing dishes grosses me out. I have a different favorite color each day depending on my mood. I adore 80’s rock. I love to eat my mashed potatoes mixed with KFC coleslaw. I go to Cardinal’s baseball games for the food. I despise Opera music. I’m a firm believer that vampires don’t sparkle. I’m terrified of spiders, no matter their size. I’m not a lover of chocolate and I can spin an entire book plot in less than 5 minutes.

[DB]: Danielle: Reading Amy’s list I don’t feel so crazy now! Um, let’s see. I suck at all things sports and math related, I have a really bad memory for important things but can tell you exactly where that balled up sock is you threw across the room two weeks ago ended up, and I’ll eat the chocolate Amy won’t.

Amy Miles

amys-author-photoAmy Miles has been a carbaholic since birth and is hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper. When she’s not chatting with fans on Facebook she can be found goofing off with family, traveling or stomping her husband at Scrabble. She is an obsessive writer and an avid reader and loves to chat about all things books.

Her teen paranormal romance books, Forbidden and Reckoning, have been on several of Amazon’s Top 100 lists as well as best seller lists in both America and the UK. Her highly anticipated final book in the Arotas Trilogy, Redemption, is due out 2013.

She is currently hard at work on a two new series, The Rising Trilogy and The Remnant Trilogy.

Website | Amazon | Facebook | Goodreads


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Danielle Bannister

Pulled Back Author PhotoDanielle lives in Mid-Coast Maine with her two children and husband. She holds a BA in Theatre and a Masters in Writing and the Teaching of Writing. She has two novels currently out, Pulled and Pulled Back and is working on several others, including Pulled Back Again, releasing soon, and Netherworld which she is co-writing with author Amy Miles, which is due out in December, 2014.

She also has a collection of short stories, brilliantly entitled, Short Shorts, and her work is also featured in several anthologies: GooseRiver Press 2012 Anthology and the Maine Writing Project’s anthology, Writious. Both titles are available on Amazon. When not writing, she can be found pouring her heart out on the stage.

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