Fallen Stars Friday: On the Run

Hey all! I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to my blog schedule. Starting today, I’ll be spending every Friday talking about book two in The Star Child series, The Fallen Stars. In October, I announced that I’d signed a contract for The Fallen Stars, so I’ll be using Fridays to give you quotes, background, and other information related to the book. Also, follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be posting images for my The Fallen Stars board.

For today, I thought we’d start slow and discuss setting. Book one had Kellen and Calienta, spending time in both Ireland and Faerie. Although book two starts in Ireland, our couple ends up going on the run with Kellen’s best friend, Gabriel Stewart. Their hideout: Maine? Bar Harbor to be exact.

In the pic, I’m sitting on a rock at Compass Harbor. Let me tell you, it was seriously hard to make it there in flip flops. Not my best footwear selection! Next week, I’ll tell you more about my trip. However, just to whet your appetite, scroll below for a sneak-peak at The Fallen Stars.

[box] Calienta knew how to protect herself. I understood that, but I refused to hide behind a rock any longer while she risked her life. Launching myself out from behind the boulder, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to safety. She crouched down behind the rocks with me and Alistair and Gabe scrambled to make room.

Calienta puffed a strand of hair out of her eyes and scowled at me. “You know, I had a plan, Kellen.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but I have plans too, and they all include you. So let’s skip the Indiana Jones routine for the time being, if that’s okay.”[/box]

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Catch ya next week!

Don’t Have The Star Child, Book One? Check it out!


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  1. What a novel idea ha! ha! Fabulous Stephanie – a great way to spread the word and I know book two is going to be amazing. The Star Child was a knockout debut novel – you certainly are a rising star!

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