Fallen Stars Friday: Steps To Nowhere / @StephanieKeyes

Hello fabulous readers! I took a bit of a break from my regular posts this week to celebrate the Christmas holiday with my family. If you celebrated Christmas as well, I hope it was a Merry Christmas!

I’ve been talking about Compass Harbor in Maine and my research trip there this summer. As we moved along the path, taking a right in the fork, we came a set of old stone steps. The atmosphere changed once we reached this point in the path. The birds, which had been chirping up until this point, making themselves known, stopped. The air got heavier and seemed to pulled us down as we walked. Everything about the path screamed “retreat”, but I needed my research…Okay, I was totally freaking out but something made me continue. It was like a good novel – I just couldn’t keep from wanting to reach the end!

The steps to nowhere at Compass Harbor

We climbed those steps to nowhere, where the only remains of the summer estate known as the “Old Farm”, the foundation of the caretaker’s cottage remained. Though we didn’t see any ghosts that day, it wasn’t hard to imagine that they lay in wait, just beyond the trees. Here’s another excerpt from The Fallen Stars about this very place!


The strange man was gone and so was the light that I’d followed. Looking back at the house, my heart seemed to jump out of my body and lodge itself in my throat. Moments ago, it had been lit up, bustling, but now there was nothing there. Nothing except the charred remains of the stone steps that led to nowhere.


The charred foundation…

Ooh, imagine how creepy it would be to end up by yourself here at night! Remember that you can follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be posting images for my The Fallen Stars board. Catch ya next week!

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