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We’ve been talking so much about Maine and my research trip for Book Two in The Star Child series, The Fallen Stars! Incidentally, if you haven’t heard yet, there is a big cover reveal happening on Monday for TFS, so make sure you check out the event either here on my blog or on Facebook for details on how to win!

Sandy Beach

The second book in The Star Child Trilogy, The Fallen Stars continues the story of Kellen and Calienta as they discover the second prophecy and go on the run with Kellen’s best friend, Gabriel Stewart! This summer, I took a research trip to Bar Harbor, where a majority of the book is set. Maine is known for it’s dramatic landscape and visuals like the powerful Sandy Beach, shown right, provided a great back drop for the book. The water was freezing, even in July. The other side of this picture is that there were crazy people running into the ice-cold water by the dozens. Not me!

By the time we got the Maine, the book had already been written. In fact, I gave my mother and husband each a copy fo the manuscript and forced them to read it on the way up. They seemed to think that I was a bit of task-master! However, they read it in a rented mini-van, or a sixteen and a half hour journey, with two small children. Crazy!

My trip at that point, was then use to back up facts that I remembered from my last trip there, eleven years prior. So it was imperative the I scout out all of the places in the book. That included the beach, the vie from downtown Bar Harbor and some candidates for the Stewart’s mansion, which is completely fictional. The great part about it, is that not many research trips provide you with fresh lobster and fabulous views!

View From Downtown Bar Harbor

Enough for now. Remember, this Monday, January 28th! I only have one word for you: GIVEAWAY! Want the inside scoop? Join Team Starlighter and help spread the word about The Star Child series.


Remember that you can follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be posting images for my The Fallen Stars board. Catch ya next week! Stay tuned and thank you so much for your interest!

Scouting for the Stewart Mansion

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  1. You knew I’d have to come and comment on a post with ‘lobster’ in the title, didn’t you? Great post, sounds like an awesome trip and I look forward to the cover reveal on Monday. I’m so totally taking part in the party! XX Rock on and best of luck for Monday, Steph. x

    1. Ha! I have to admit that I did wonder if you’d be stopping by! Thanks Nicky and I look forward to seeing you on Monday! 🙂

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