Gabe Stewart has everything he ever wanted. Mortal Earth is safe. He’s a super-hero Protector whose

best friend is within telepathic shouting distance. And then there’s his soul-mate, Singer. He knew right

away she was the one he’d been waiting for.


But Gabe’s world shatters when Singer professes she doesn’t love him. On top of that, his mother

admits she’s been messing with his memory making him doubt everything he’s ever known. And just

when it seems things can’t get any worse, his best friend in the whole freaking world, Kellen St. James,

wants Gabe to stop being his Protector. Being a Protector is who Gabe is. What will happen if he’s not

standing between the prince and danger?


When the man who’s sacrificed his freedom is faced with life alone, which path will he choose? Will he

remain the last Protector? Or will he finally get the happy ending he deserves?