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Author Stephanie Keyes is a geek, a dreamer, and a hopeful romantic who writes books ranging from young adult fantasy to adult contemporary romance. Keyes won the RONE Award for Best YA Book of 2019 and took 2nd place in the Romance Writers of America Athena Awards For Excellence in NA & YA Fiction, both for The Spellbinder’s Sonata. As a romance author, she was a finalist in the 2018 International Book Awards for her debut romance, The Internship of Pippa Darling. In addition, she has also written under the pen name Gemma McKay.

Steph is a technical Product Manager, teacher, and speaker. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and two boys. When she's not writing, Steph plays the clarinet, reads constantly, paints, and loves game night with the rest of the fam. Fun fact: Steph's pen surname (Keyes) is borrowed from her great-great-great-grandfather John Keyes, who was forced to abandon it to avoid persecution in Ireland over two hundred years ago.

“You are a fool. You will never defeat the darkness. The Soul Snatcher’s voice wound its way into my ear, as though the creature crouched on the ground beside me.

"I could make her end her own life. That would destroy you, wouldn’t it? Losing her? That’s all that I want—to destroy you. You who has beaten me twice.”



Young Adults (of any age)

Steph’s books feature heroines and heroes who use their minds to solve problems. If there happens to be a little magic and a curse thrown in, then all the better!

Escape into a faerie ring in magickal Ireland, visit urban haunted houses where ghosts are real, or investigate the real reason to stay away from the trees under a full moon.

The Star Child

The Star Child Series, Book 1

Kellen St. James hasn’t exactly led a normal life. For starters, he’s a genius with an uncanny memory who’s earned a Yale degree at seventeen. Yet the weirdest thing about Kellen isn’t even his brain. It’s the girl who’s haunted his dreams every night for the past eleven years. The last thing he expects is for Calienta to show up in his kitchen and reveal he’s tied up in a prophecy he knew nothing about—one that decrees he’s supposed to save the world.

The Fallen Stars

The Star Child Series, Book 2

Kellen St. James is moments away from saying “I Do,” to the goddess Calienta when the Children of Danu gatecrash their wedding, intending to kidnap him. The couple needs to make their escape, but Calienta’s immortal light shines so brightly there’s nowhere on earth they can hide. With no other alternative, Calienta becomes mortal and goes on the run with Kellen and his best man, Gabriel Stewart.

The Star Catcher

The Star Child Series, Book 3

“I’ve been taken by Ainmire, the Star Catcher. Only Rowan will know what to do.” That’s the note Calienta leaves behind when the latest big bad kidnaps the goddess and forces her through a portal. Prince Kellen, Gabe, and a full cast of characters from The Star Child series will unite to bring peace to the lands of Mortal Earth and Faerie once and for all. 

The Spellbinder's Sonata

Stand-alone Novel

Beauty and the Beast meets The Phantom of the Opera in a tale of magic, music, and one dark curse...

Griffin Dunn is a brilliant piano virtuoso and a guest at the lavish Byrons estate. When his callous treatment of the Byrons’ son leads to the child’s death, the boy’s mysterious nanny places a dark curse on  Griffin, binding his soul to the mansion until true love finds him.

The Boy in the Trees


Jemma’s sketched the same boy hundreds of times. The only problem? They’ve never met, and she’s not sure he’s even real. But when her dream guy begins appearing in the most unexpected places, she worries he might be less of a prince and more of a nightmare.

She smiled, her words genuine. ‘I didn’t think you wrote songs before.’

‘I didn’t.’ He cupped her cheek with his palm and gently turned her to face him. ‘Not before you. I told you Yeats inspired me, but it was you. It’s always been you.’”



for Romantics (hopeful ones)

You'll find no timid heroines here! Get swept away by Steph's international romances. Stories filled with enough steam to match a few tea kettles, but nothing that might want to make you hide your eyes.

The Internship of Pippa Darling
The Summer Abroad Series, 1

She’s the creative writing major an internship away from graduation. He’s a bestselling author whose work she hates. Together they’ll craft their own romance.

Finn Burke believed Pippa Darling was the answer to his prayers. The brooding, young Irish author captured lightning in a bottle with his best-selling debut novel. Now his agent is demanding he do it all over again. But how can Finn repeat that success when he feels he sold out to achieve it? Even worse, some ditsy Florida floozie banjaxed his MacBook and set his already-delayed deadline back another month!

The Education of Uma Gallagher
The Summer Abroad Series, 2

She’s the poet who has all the words. He’s the man behind the music. Together they’ll write their own love song.

Uma Gallagher’s been trying to move on ever since Caden Hannigan left her in Dublin two years ago. She’s hoping for a fresh start when a teaching opportunity from Trinity College in Ireland rolls in. Yet with her future school on Caden’s former stomping grounds, she might just find a new round of old ghosts.

His Royal Typeface: A Secret Royal Romance Novella

Will one prince’s unique font design be enough to save the royal family and set the tone for true love?

Prince Asher Tarrington’s world is rocked when he discovers that his late parents gambled away the crown estate. Left with a palace that's slowly falling apart around him and no income, he takes a job as a typeface designer to pay his mounting bills.

This modern, standalone novella features quirky characters, stunning vistas, heart-stopping romance, and a prince who's very much in need of a rescue.

Shell House: Wren and the Sea Captain

Wren visits Shell House for one night, but she'll remember it forever. 

Stephanie Keyes was inspired by the old, black-and-white movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir when she wrote her short story, Wren and the Sea Captain. Love transcends time and surprises Wren long after she leaves the beach. All proceeds go to the MERR Institute!

"The entire estate oozed moodiness, as though covered in a cloak of despair. It reminded me of my childhood residence in Warwickshire, England; more than a few spirits roamed that home."