Tuneful Tuesdays: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals / @StephanieKeyes

If you are new to my blog, something that you should know about me is that I have a music addiction. I am always looking for new artists, or at least those artists that are new to me. I’ve been told by quite a few people, that I’ve introduced them to new music, which I think is awe-some! So I’ve decided to partner my newest blog spot with this new feature called “Tuneful Tuesdays”.

This week, the song that really has me hooked is The Lion, The Beast, The Beat, by Vermont-based rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Not only was I inspired by the Narnia-like cover and name similarity, but the song itself draws you in. From the first moment when the throwback organ (I’ll assume it’s a Hammond, though I don’t know for sure) to the intro of the haunting drum beat, you can’t turn it off. Then once the intro ends, the song totally rocks! I think of Joan Jett when I hear Potter at times, even Fleetwood Mac. For a Fantasy writer like moi, it’s the perfect setting. What’s even better is that the rest of the album is equally as awesome.

Have a listen:

I hope you enjoyed! Stop back next Tuesday for my next pick of the week.