Tuneful Tuesday: Walk The Moon and Stateless / #WalkTheMoon / #stateless

Tuesday rocks! This week, I’ve been listening to…


Walk The Moon is a band out of Cinci–my neighbors about four and a half hours away in Ohio. I was destined to love this band from the start–probably because they got their name from the song, Walking On The Moon by The Police. You all know how I feel about The Police and Sting, right? This group released a debut album, I Want! I Want in 2010. Their self-titled album followed in 2012–be sure to check out the track I Can Lift A Car from that one. However, it’s the track from their 2014 release, Talking Is Hard–Shut Up and Dance–that sent them soaring up the charts. Children everywhere can now sing the words “shut up” to their parents without getting in trouble.

Not one to follow the trend, my favorite track on this album is the Eighties throwback, We Are The Kids. Have a listen.


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Stateless hails from England–specifically Leeds and London. They released their debut solo with Sony in 2004–a single, entitled Down Here. A later release, the Bloodstream EP, trailed it in 2005. They followed with another single, Exit, two years later and a self-titled album. Wow, must be a day for self-titled LPs, huh? A series of singles followed, but it’s the track from their 2005 EP that sets the perfect scene on a rainy morning. Have a listen to Bloodstream. 

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