Tuneful Tuesday Tells Ghost Stories / #Coldplay

Happy Tuesday peeps! I’ve taken Tuneful Tuesday break again as we’ve had some guests the past couple of weeks. I’ve also been working on finalizing another manuscript and another all-new MS. So busy times, but good ones. As usual, I’ve been listening to a ton of music, but was all eclipsed when the new album from Coldplay came out yesterday. Their unique melodies and story-telling lyrics instantly inspire me. This week, I thought I’d share two favorites from yesterday’s Ghost Stories release.

Featured Tracks

Coldplay-Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

Always In My Head is the initial track for this new release. The repetitive guitar riff pulls in the listener, setting the mood from the first stanza. Yes, I know I’m a hopeless romantic–we’ve already established that. The romance, the pain, the pull of the song drew me in from the first go around.

Let’s be honest. I’ve written three books with the word “star” in the name. This chick kind of gravitates to the word “star.” I can’t help it. Yet, Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars holds more for me than a shared favorite word. It’s their next big anthem. Every one of their albums has one–ClocksFix You, and Viva La Vida, and Paradise immediately come to mind.

Sky Full of Stars will have you simultaneously dancing and writing out a goal sheet for the coming year in one go.