Tuneful Tuesday—Soundtrack Edition—Takes Me To #Camelot with #HarryPotter

Happy Tuesday! I don’t know if I’ve ever shared with you guys what defines good music for me. It’s simple. If it gives me goosebumps—the good kind, not the oh I’m about to vomit kind—that’s the music I’ll remember. This week, I thought I’d share music with you from two soundtracks that I’ve enjoyed. As always, feel free to post yours in the comments. I’m always checking out new tunes.

What I’m Listening To…

Be My Light from The Starz Series Camelot by Mychael and Jeff Danna

Composer, Mychael Danna. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

If you aren’t familiar with Canadian Film Composer, Mychael Danna, think again. He’s won several awards, including a Golden Globe for Ang Li’s Life of Pi. Jeff Danna has a number of credits to his name, including 2003’s adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. Though the Starz series, Camelot, only aired for one season. The music is insanely goosebump-worthy. Links for this track, Be My Light, was played during Guinevere’s wedding. Links were difficult to find for this one, so I hope you’ll enjoy this fan-made video as an alternative.


Hedwig’s Theme
 from Harry Poter and The Sorcerer’s Stone by John Williams

Composer, John Williams
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

I’m not even going to provide a bio for John Williams because there probably isn’t a person out there who hasn’t heard his music.  He is considered one of the greatest film composers of all time. His first grammy award was given to him for the soundtrack to a little old movie called Jaws. What stands out for me about Hedwig’s Theme however is that we instantly have a sense of setting in the first measure. Listen and enjoy!