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I am psyched to have T. Michelle Nelson here today as a stop on her ‘Till Death Do Us Part Tour! Read on to learn a bit more about the book and read my review!


Inkspell Publishing by T.Michelle Nelson

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Release Date: April 24, 2013

With a doting husband and a new job training a vampire military, Lily Drake was living up to the prophecies of being the best. Her life was seemingly perfect, until tragedy strikes bringing her a loss she’s not sure she can endure.

The hard-working super mom / vampire slayer, Lily Drake, has just learned problems still exist even after you become immortal.

As everyone knows, even if you find your soul mate, you don’t always get a happily-ever-after. Lily may have found temporary happiness being a newlywed, but the honeymoon is over. When she finds her husband going out for late night bites with another woman, Lily has to fight to try and regain what she wants most, love and a happy family.

If Lily thought being a single mom was hard, she’ll find being married can be a bloody mess.

My Review

When Lily married Valentine, it seemed like the story had been sewn up nicely. Lily was all set to lead the vampire army, fight the Austere (human-blood-drinking) population, and live a happily-ever-after with Val and her son, Keaton. However, Lily’s sugar-coated ending immediately turns into a blood-coated one as the mansion is attacked when Lily and Mathias, Val’s cousin and her former love, are out hunting. She returns home to find Keaton locked up in a safe place and Val gone. After months of fruitless searching, a depressed Lily is sent by her Aunt Rose to help the New Orleans contingent fight a series of inconsistent Austere attacks. Lily does as she’s told, and heads to the Big Easy, only to find that her husband isn’t as dead as she thought. In the end, Lily will need to make choices about who to trust and who to love. Will it be Val or Mathias?

If you’re a long-time follower of my reviews, then you’ll remember that I loved the first book The Life and Death of Lily Drake. Nelson’s writing style is quick, sarcastic, and funny, which I personally identify strongly with. So the storyline of the follow-up, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, interested me from the beginning. In the sequel, we end up with a whole series of twists – the reader literally thinks they know where the story is going and then they get hit with an unexpected turn.

As Lily’s relationship changes, Nelson does a great job of helping the reader see how the shift in Lily’s affections might be believable. Though I did miss some of the “we-could-get-attacked-at-any-moment” tension from book one, it was understandably absent, given the character was in mourning for a majority of the book. The reader ends up empathizing with Lily on many levels and agonizing over her choices. In the end, there is a cliffhanger, so be warned! You will be scrambling as you wildly search out the release date for book three and hope for more. Fans won’t have to wait too long for a teaser. The free read The First Time, comes out from Inkspell Publishing on April 24th. You’ll want to add both that and ‘Till Death Do Us Part to your TBR list!

Bottom line: Fans of Lily Drake will be happy to welcome her back with open arms.

About the Author

UntitledT. Michelle Nelson is a native of Benton, Kentucky and a graduate of Murray State University holding a degree in Education. Currently she resides in picturesque Mount Vernon, Ohio, which is also the setting of her Lily Drake series. The first book in the series, Life and Death of Lily Drake, is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, and your other favorite online book stores in paperback as well as e-reader formats. The second book, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, is being released by Inkspell Publishing in April of 2013 and currently, T. is working hard to finish her third book.

When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her singing out of key while playing Rock Band with her husband and son, watching B-Horror movies or wrestling with her two ill-behaved fur babies, Buddy Perro and Bunchie.

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