Spring Author Series: Mandy Baggot

Thanks for having me on your website Stephanie! I picked to answer about my childhood and you’re particularly honoured because I don’t often tell people about my childhood.

SK: You are so welcome Mandy! I'm glad you liked the questions! Well, let's not waste anytime – let's get started!

SK: What was your life like growing up?

MB: I’m Wiltshire born and Wiltshire bred – and the rest of the rhyme goes ‘strong in the arm and thick in the head’ but we’ll change that to ‘a brilliant writer and fantastic in…’ (you can guess it!).

 Anyway, although I have had several homes along the way (8 before I left home) none of them have been outside of Wiltshire. My parents divorced when I was eight and because my mother planned to move away I chose to live with my dad. That meant I could stay at my school and be close to my nan and granddad. I am extremely close to my paternal grandmother (and my paternal grandfather before he passed away) and she’s more like a mother figure to me. Basically, she still looks after me and is always on hand to do sewing, look after the children, knock up an Easter bonnet or make an outfit for school.

Fondest memories of growing up are spending summer holidays travelling the country in my granddads lorry, visiting the cement factories and Nestle depots of the UK. However, when we were on the road all I needed was the scenery and the country radio station on because wherever I went I had an A4 pad of paper and a pen! I wrote stories even back then!

SK: Were you a good/bad/apathetic student?

MB: I was a middle of the road student! Somehow I managed to pass the entrance exam to the local grammar school. I walked away with ten GCSEs and an A-Level in English but that was the height of my academic achievements. I was someone who enjoyed the camaraderie of school but wasn’t that struck on being the next big achiever. I loved drama and sport at school – I was the chubby girl who liked to sing and someone who made everyone laugh – nothing much has changed to be honest!

SK: Were you a rule breaker/follower?

MB: Neither! I wasn’t interested in breaking rules but I wouldn’t follow the crowd either. I am who I am and usually that fitted into the rules of school! I did like to feign collapse in Mr Radford’s science lessons though! But that had to stop when they school nurse called me into her office and said she was concerned I was epileptic! Whoops!

SK: How frequently did you get awards/into trouble?

MB:  I sound really boring but I didn’t really manage either! I got the Courtesy Cup in junior school once – for my lovely kind nature and good manners – my parents must have been proud! Oh and our whole class got into trouble when we coated the entire science lab (including ALL the glass containers and Petri dishes) in Plaster of Paris. Oh and I pretended I was ill to travel on a coach full of boys on a skiing trip J It’s all coming out now!

SK: Were you involved in any extracurricular activities?

MB: I loved sport and music! I played lacrosse and hockey for the school team, I played the clarinet in the school band and sang in the Chamber Choir. Ah yes, I, er, broke someone’s nose 

playing hockey once – that’s come back to me! Right, that’s enough childhood memories now!

SK:Well, there you have it folks, the dish on the love Lady Baggot! She's launching a new book, Taking Charge, this Thursday, May 3rd. All of the details are available HERE.

About the Author

Mandy has been writing romantic stories since her school days. Her first book Excess All Areas was published in 2008. Breaking the Ice followed and shortly after that, the romantic comedy Knowing Me Knowing You. Her fourth novel Strings Attached was released in November 2011 and novel Taking Charge has been snapped up by new US fiction publisher Sapphire Star Publishing and is due for release May 3rd 2012.

Mandy lives in Wiltshire, UK with her husband Mr Big, her two daughters and two cats.

Check out Mandy's fabulous romances, here!



13 thoughts on “Spring Author Series: Mandy Baggot

  1. Lovely to read about your childhood, Mandy. Blimey – lacrosse! Used to dream about playing that in my Enid Blyton, Malory Towers-reading days! Looking forward to the new book,
    Celia x

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to come on your fantastic website Steph! Great questions that delved deep into Lady Baggot’s past!

    Mandy x

    1. You are welcome anytime! Seriously, always a pleasure. 🙂 Best of luck with taking charge!

  3. Nice insight into your childhood, Mandy. I can relate to holidays spent travelling around the country in a van “helping” my dad on his deliveries. Good luck with Sapphire and the new book! Kit.X :))

  4. Enjoyed reading about you, Mandy, and will check out your books. Best of luck with the release of Taking Charge.

  5. Heee heee, I can just see you feigning collapse in science class. I used to pull similar stunts in PE (except some of them were reall, occasionally, much to the dismay of the teacher who ended up giving me the benefit of the doubt all of the time: bingo!). Wonderful post, Mandy, thanks so much for sharing and great questions Steph, what an unexpected treasure! Good luck on your launch day tomorrow, Mandy, I’ll be partying with you all the way. XX

  6. Always fun finding out a bit more about the authors, especially school days – I want to see a photo now!

    Good luck with Taking Charge.

    Sue x

  7. Haw, haw. Love it, Mandy. I sang in the school choir – and fainted in the school choir. Next thing I know, the music teacher is telling me to put my head between my legs. Pardon? Thought he was a bit odd, to say the least. Nice one, Mandy! 🙂 x

  8. Great interview! I really enjoyed reading about your childhood, Mandy. Wishing you great success with your launch tomorrow. Have fun!

    Janice xx

  9. Well, I’ve heard the saying but what I’ve seen from you Mandy is nothing but hard work, determination and someone who learns very quickly. You have become a success by never standing still and writing some really great stories! Long may it continue and I LOVED ‘Taking Charged’!

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