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Happy Monday! Today, I thought I’d do something a little bit different. There’s a new blog tour company on the block and I’m so excited about it, I thought I’d invite the owner, Jenny Marston, over for a little chat about it. Welcome to Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours!

An Interview With Neverland Blog Tours

[SK]: Welcome Jenny! Tell us about Neverland Blog Tours.

[JM]: Neverland Blog Tours is a new touring business that specialises in hosting tours for Fantasy, Paranormal (YA and Romance included) and Sci-Fi genres. The whole business is run by me ( and is an extension of my existing blog.

[SK]: Sounds great. Why support tours for the Paranormal/Fantasy genres specifically?

[JM]: I did a bit of research before I started anything up and asked authors of these genres whether they know of any touring companies that cater just for their genre. The general answer was no, so I figured there was a gap in the market. I personally love these genres and Fantasy is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, I as well as the authors I spoke to who write in that genre, feel that it can be overlooked and not taken as seriously as other genres. Obviously not everyone is going to like the same thing and if someone has read Fantasy in the past and it’s not for them – fair enough! But for those that are a bit on the fence about it or reluctant to try it, my aim is to help spread the word about fantastic books in these genres and help get the authors’ work noticed.

[SK]: The first Fantasy book I ever read was by T.H.White, The Once and Future King. What was the first book you ever read in either of these genres?

[JM]: I think one of the first has to be the Harry Potter series doesn’t it? Which I read many many years ago. I’m not a huge Potterhead like a lot of people but even I can appreciate the magic in those books.

[SK]: I love Harry Potter as well. Describe what stayed with you about Harry Potter?

[JM]: I think with Harry Potter, even though it’s not real, people can relate to it. We can relate to the characters, their emotions and feelings and there are valuable life lessons to be learnt from those books. I don’t think it matters if the world you’re reading about is made up or not, if you can relate to just one part of the story, then it’s realistic. Regardless as to whether the characters are driving around in cars or on broomsticks.

[SK]: Agreed. When the world-building is seamless, anything can happen. So back to your new blog tour company…Why should authors choose Neverland Blog Tours?

[JM]: All of my tour hosts which have signed up, signed up because they love these genres. So rest assured that you’re going to have reliable, passionate and enthusiastic bloggers reading, reviewing and promoting your book. Another reason is because I’m an experienced blogger myself, I know how important these things are. I’ll try and make each experience as exciting and effortless as possible so you, the author, can get on with what you do best – writing books!

[SK]: If you could meet any author in the world, who would it be? Why?

[JM]: Oh this is a tough one because there’s so many I’d like to meet! James Patterson has been my favourite crime author for years, I love his books to death so I think I’d be extremely star struck if I met him! I’d also love to meet Cecelia Ahern because I’m a huge fan of her wonderful, magical stories and she seems like a really nice person!

“I’ll try and make each experience as exciting and effortless as possible so you, the author, can get on with what you do best – writing books!”—Janny Marston

[SK]: Jenny, thank you so much for joining me today. Neverland Blog Tours will be hosting a review tour for my first YA Novel, The Star Child, starting May 12th! Click HERE for details!

About Jenny Marston

1978876_10203112768010393_645079586_n-2Hi everyone! I’m Jenny – book blogger, reviewer, hoarder, aspiring writer and Disney fanatic from Essex, UK. Thanks for visiting my blog! Here you will find reviews from a variety of genres – my favourites are Fiction, Fantasy, YA and Thriller – author interviews, guest posts, film reviews and general ramblings! I’ve always loved reading but it only occurred to me in March 2013 to do something about it. Alas, Jennyinneverland was born. I have met some amazing people through blogging and hope to meet many more like-minded book worms, film buffs and authors. So do stop by for a chat!

In addition to running this blog I also write book reviews for Love A Happy Ending Lifestyle E-Magazine, who are amazing so check them out and I am online editor and writer for the reviews team ofFirst Instinct magazine. I love everything pink and girlie, Disney films, Dominos pizza, Leonardo DiCaprio, a good quote and having cuddles with my dog. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find what you were looking for!

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