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APRIL 2nd, 2015 at 12:00PM PST until APRIL 5TH at 12:00PM PST.

Woo hoo! I am so excited to be taking part in the hunt again.  Yay!

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For you first timers, the YA Scavenger Hunt is an online blog hop sponsored by authors who write books for both Young Adults and the Young at Heart. Each of us hosts a different fabulous author on the tour. If you came here looking for my bonus material, A DELETED SCENE FROM THE STAR CATCHER, you’ll have to keep hunting for clues!

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My Guest For Today!

I am super-excited to introduce today’s guest. Drumroll, please….

It’s Amy Evans!

Woot! Welcome, Amy.

Amy’s Bio

Amy Evans is the author of CLICKS a young adult genre mashup that takes readers on a joyride through the ocean, swimming with dolphins, and into a mystery that spans generations. When she’s not writing, she can be found at the beach or playing with her family and Katie The Pug. Did you know that Amy once swam with 22 dolphins simultaneously? That’d be something to see!

Featured Book For the Hunt

Amy is featuring her book Clicks for the hunt. Read on for more information!


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CLICKS are the sounds the universe makes to tell you what’s going to happen next.

They are clues, truths, but people have forgotten how to listen. Especially on Pinhold Island, a place of twenty-foot waves, endless summer and extreme beauty. It’s easy to get caught up in the eye candy and forget that the gorgeous water hides deadly threats. For 16 year old Cami, the island is a trap and the yearly summer surf competition will give her a chance to escape. When an injury grounds her, she gets caught up in a romance with the one boy she never wanted to love and a friendship with a dolphin she thought was a myth. And she misses the clicks that are trying to tell her that what happened to her will happen to others.

And when it does, it’s going to be much worse.

Clicks is a genre-blending joyride for fans of science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal.  

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A Message From Amy

I’m Amy Evans, the author of CLICKS – The Dolphin Prophecy. I’m so excited to be part of the scavenger hunt and to have a chance to share this with you! CLICKS is a genre blending joy ride science fiction and paranormal romance and it’s all about dolphins and twins. The book is told from the point of view of a girl named Cami. She is a life guard, and a twin, and she makes a significant connection with a local dolphin that changes everything she knows about herself and her island home.

For my bonus material, I’m sharing the dolphin’s point of view from the night they met. That’s the moment that kicks off all the drama in the story. I hope you’ll like it if you’re already a CLICKS fan. And if you’re not, I hope this draws you in and that you’ll like the way it sets the scenes. It’s on sale for #99cents if you want to check it out!

Happy hunting and have fun!

Bonus Material

Here it is! Bonus content from Clicks. Enjoy!

Moonlight filled the water, a hazy pointed arrow that caught her gaze. I didn’t need it to see, but it was still important because of the way the angle told me it was time for the Summer Solstice. The moon came later today than any other time of the year. It marked a moment I’d been learning about since I was small. It marked a ritual that my relatives used to attend every time skywheel cycled. But I’d only seen it in their memories.

Tonight, if the signs were right, I’d attend for the first time. So I waited, slipping lightly through the water, loving the early summer warmth and the way it warmed stripes on my skin. I pushed up to the surface, breaking through and flipping into the air. It was my favorite thing to do and it made me all buzzy, especially when the others joined in.

Together we jumped over and over again in diamond formation, switching it up with long deep turns near the bottom. The water was pretty shallow here, three lengths below the waves, and close to the islands that marked our home. Remembering my responsibilities, I popped up my head, but heard nothing. I went down deep again, and that’s where I felt it. Clicks and patterns that bounced from the tiny land sounded familiar, because I’d had been taught them even if I’d never heard them before.

Now that I knew how to listen, I came back to the top, and picked out that voice from above. I answered the call, matching each of the girl’s tones with my own clicks and whistles. And then I took off as fast as she could, calling my pod to follow.

Through the glassy surface the land got close enough that I could sense the individuals there. I recognized the girl immediately, and felt it in my soul when that attention was returned. A single second later, the girl dove in the water and I swam as close to her as possible. The others cleared a path to let us through, and she kicked off, swimming as fast as her arms and legs would let her, leading the lot of us to the bigger land’s shore. We were surrounded by my kind, and moving fast en masse. I didn’t want her to get pounded by flukes or sliced at by fins, so I went on top of her to protect her.

It wasn’t necessary – the pod instinctively followed behind the two of us and even made room for her to get air for the brief second that she surfaced. But then she dove under again and so I captured her in my slipstream, offering my protection, carrying her along at my speed. I got caught in the motion and couldn’t stop us in time, and the two of us were crashed up on the rocks at top speed. I tried to move back into the water, to do something to protect her, but the rocks trapped me.

Blood oozed from her head, and the stillness in her bones and limbs frightened me. I had failed her, the island and my pod. And most importantly, the prophecy.

I sent a call to the others to come help, but that backfired immediately when they rushed from the water and onto the rocks like something more than my plea for help was drawing them there. Terrified clicks and whistles filled the air as they got stuck too. My heart was breaking with my own failure, because there was nothing I could do to help any of them at the moment.

So I focused on the girl’ breathing and sent a pulse of my light energy to the spot on her head that was leaking. And I felt her heart settle down. I rested for a minute, grateful that I hadn’t lost her yet, when I felt her blood start to beat again, increasing exponentially when another human swam up from the water to the rocks that held us.

I recognized this boy. His face was in our shared stories, just like hers. He reached a kind hand out to check on me and the gentle touch allowed me to begin to move a little. But I wasn’t his focus. She was. He was here to rescue her. He checked her breathing, touched her limbs, searching for the reason that kept her still and on the ground.

I felt her confusion turn to certainty as she realized she had the ability to move again. But her brain didn’t seem able to act on it, so her heart stepped in instead. When he leaned over, her lips reach up to capture his in a way that shocked her deep within. And I felt their hearts come together in a way that had been decided years and years and years before any of us had been born.

With that my body relaxed in relief. At the end of the night, the prophecy had been clearest about one thing: these two had a connection that had to come to their attention. It was absolutely critical to keep their island and our way of life on course. So I closed my eyes for a breath, praying for my own rescue, and I let my energy pulse over the two of them with all the love in my heart.

For more information on Amy and her books, check out her website HERE.

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  1. Looking for Alaska by John Green. Didn’t come out in 2014, but I read it in 2014.

  2. I can only pick one?! Oh, man………um…….Compulsion by Martina Boone. I didn’t read it until this year but it came out in 2014 haha It was amazing, I can’t wait for book 2, Persuasion!
    Thanks for the giveaway and for participating in YASH!

  3. Dreams of Gods & Monsters! okay admittedly I haven’t read it yet because it is not available in South Africa in paperback yet, but I know I’m going to love it. I read the first two books in the series during 2014 and LOVED them!

  4. I really liked Made For You by Melissa Marr, it was this really great thriller, and it reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Scream. I’ve always enjoyed her books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hmmm… I’m going to go with Burn Out by Kristi Helvig.

    Thanks so much for participating in #YASH, and for the bonus giveaway!

  6. Here are a few of my favorites 🙂 (I had to go look at a 2014 release list on Goodreads. Reading through the library, I don’t really notice when a book came out. They stock books with different release years all the time)

    The One – Kiera Cass
    Ask Me – Kimberly Pauley (just read recently, really loved!!)
    Strange and Ever After – Susan Dennard

    I know there are bound to be more, but like I said, I don’t do well with remembering much. At least the list jogged my memory some!

  7. Of the YA books I read in 2014, it’s really a tie between FANGIRL and ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. Both rely excellent in very different ways.

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