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As I head toward the release of my next book, there’s been a flurry of activity. Press releases have been written, promotional materials sent out, guest blog posts constructed, and much more. However, perhaps the most exciting and most…cold activity, that I undertook, was a photo shoot.

Earlier this year, I overhauled my website, my brand, and just about everything, because I felt like I wasn’t being true to myself. After careful inspection, I realized that this also applied to my author pics. So it was time to go back to my roots and spend time redefining on virtual film, Stephanie Keyes, the author. And because I’m working on sharing who I am with all of you, here’s a breakdown of the shoot I had with Kristina Serafini of Kristina Serafini Photography.

The Strip District in Pittsburgh, despite its name, is a hubbub of activity for people of all ages. A collection of businesses, night clubs, and restaurants, including the iconic Primati Brother’s, (yes – the original), dominate Smallman Street. We stopped for a series of shots under the Sixteenth Street Bridge.

Under the Sixteenth Street Bridge, Pittsburgh
Under the Sixteenth Street Bridge, Pittsburgh


My hairstyle needed a boost, so we decided to move down past the nightclub section and stand in this partially enclosed walkway near the river. The wind is doing alot for my hair volume here.

The wind is doing alot for my hair volume here.
The wind is doing alot for my hair volume here.

The great thing about the cold is that after awhile, you don’t even have to try and smile. Your face freezes that way.

I think my face is frozen. Yup, definitely frozen.
I think my face is frozen. Yup, definitely frozen.

I loved this door.

I thought this green door would look awesome in my house. Unfortunately, it was already attached to a building.

We walked maybe about a half a mile. Not a big deal, except these boots were not made for walkin’ if you get my drift.

Yes, I get to sit down!


We drove over to the South Side of Pittsburgh and found this great burnt out old building. Since I write Paranormal Romance, it just fit. Do I look scary? Don’t answer that.

Doing my best to look intense outside of a freaky building while standing in weeds and trash.


When we arrived at the train tracks, we had to wait for a train to pass. However, it was worth it. This view of the bridges and the city makes me feel at home. This is me.

Pittsburgh…this is my town, my home. This is me.

I hope you enjoyed the results of my photo session! Thanks to Kristina Serafini for a great job! You’ll have to see which pic I use for next week’s launch. Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Finding Myself In Pictures / @StephanieKeyes

  1. Oh Steph, these are glorious! I love them all, but my favourite one is the one on the train tracks. Oh, and the one where you sit on the stairs. Fabulous, glamorous, young, hip, sophisticated all in one go. FABULOUS. Well done, you’re quite the star. Rock on! XX

    1. Oh, thank you Nicky! I was so happy with them. It’s funny-my son was highly concerned about me being on the train tracks. He kept saying, “Mommy, that is so unsafe.” I had a tough time explaining that away!

      Thank you so much! You are a star as well, my dear.

    1. Thanks so much Melissa! It felt like a good time to go back to my roots. Glad you stopped by!

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