Fallen Stars Friday: Shipwrecked / @StephanieKeyes

Hey all! Another week has gone by in a flash. As promised, I’m here with another update on The Fallen Stars. Also, if you have an interest, follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be posting images for my The Fallen Stars board.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, research for this trip took me back to Bar Harbor, Maine. Whenever I choose the setting for my writing, I always pick places that I’ve been before. Eleven years ago, the Maine coast was the setting for another story: my honeymoon. I also knew that I’d write about the place someday. So even though some of the romance was lost, taking sixteen-hour drive in a rented mini-van, with my husband, two kids, and my mother, it was completely worth it.

Portland Head Light, Portland, Maine

In The Fallen Stars, the ghost of the shipwrecks of the Eastern seaboard arrive to help Calienta in an hour of need. There is a rich maritime history in this part of the country and everything is tied to ocean. Those that were lost are always remembered. I was excited to pull in some of that history into The Fallen Stars.

Tribute to the shipwrecked Annie C. Maguire at the Portland Head Light

Keeping with my one-week tradition here’s a snipped from The Fallen Stars.


The man in white stood above me. “You are valiant, young Calienta, but you will not win alone.”

Refusing to look away, I stared the stranger in the eye, legs shaking, heart pounding. “I…am never alone.”


Catch ya next week!

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