Fallen Stars Friday: Compass Harbor / @StephanieKeyes

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I talked a little bit about Compass Harbor in my first post and how my husband and I visited the area. Local legend claims that the Compass Harbor area is haunted by the ghost of a caretaker, who wanders through the area with a blue light. When I first read this tale, the idea intrigued me so much that I felt I needed to incorporate it. There is a chapter in The Fallen Stars where Kellen is led onto the Compass Harbor path against his will.

Alternate points in the trail can lead a hiker down to the ocean

As Kellen wanders along the Compass Harbor trail, he encounters tree roots on the path. They were everywhere here. My husband and I had to pick our way carefully along the path to avoid a visit to the E.R.

The aged tree roots at Compass Harbor


I stumbled on gnarled tree roots that popped up out of the ground like elderly hands, trying to trap me, pull me down into the earth with them. Too late I realized my mistake, coming to a stop at the bottom of the path where it met the water. The ocean seemed closer, bigger here, as if it tried to eat up all of the land. A beast waiting for a sacrifice.


Catch ya next week!

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