Fallen Stars Friday: Climbing a Mountain / @StephanieKeyes / #fallstars

We’ve been talking so much about Maine and my research trip for Book Two in The Star Child series, The Fallen Stars! There is nothing like a dramatic sea coast to help you get away from it all. However, a mountain setting can be just as wonderful.

If you haven’t been before, Cadillac Mountain is just one of those incredible places that you never forget. It’s about a seven mile drive to the top and totally worth it, although I’d recommend the off-season as it was packed in July. There are few safety ropes and no armed guards patrolling the area. We’re talking nature at it’s finest. Even though I made the trip with two crabby children, my mother, and an over tired husband, I still managed a smile in this picture with my Mom.

With my mom on Cadillac Mountain

When visiting Cadillac Mountain, I highly recommend a morning trip. You have to time it, right, though. The entire mountain is prone to fog onset and the beautiful view of Acadia National Park and the water beyond will disappear in an instant.

Also, don’t forget a wonderful picnic lunch and plenty of layers. I am wearing two pairs of pants in this picture and two coats. The wind is a killer!

To learn more about Cadillac Mountain and Calienta’s climb to the top, check out The Fallen Stars, available for pre-order now through Inkspell Publishing.


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