Fallen Stars Friday: About To Become Revealing / @StephanieKeyes

We’ve been talking so much about Main and the research trip to Compass Harbor. So if you enjoyed that, there will be much more to come in the following weeks as we lead up to the launch of Book Two in The Star Child series, The Fallen Stars! If you aren’t familiar with the release or the book, here are some tidbits to let you know what’s on the way.

Title: The Fallen Stars | Cover Reveal: January 28th| Release Date: April 12th, 2013 | Publisher: Inkspell Publishing

The second book in The Star Child Trilogy, The Fallen Stars continues the story of Kellen and Calienta as they discover the second prophecy and go on the run with Kellen’s best friend, Gabriel Stewart! If you thought the second book sewed everything up nicely, guess again! Following the story lines in the Epilogue of The Star Child, The Fallen Stars is double the size of the first book and takes our couple across the ocean to Maine.

Many of you posted feedback on Goodreads and other sites about characters that you wanted to see continue. Well, guess what? I read your feedback dear readers and those characters that you asked for are in there!

Want to know more? Get ready for the awesome cover reveal scheduled for January 28th! I only have one word for you: GIVEAWAY! Want the inside scoop? Join Team Starlighter and help spread the word about The Star Child series.

Remember that you can follow me on Pinterest, where I’ll be posting images for my The Fallen Stars board. Catch ya next week! Stay tuned and thank you so much for your interest!

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