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Falling In Love

Today I’m doing something a little different. I’m taking part in the huge Fall Into Romance hop, hosted by Hops with Heart and Jane Wakely. You’ve all heard me talk about my husband, the amazing Mr. Keyes before. So it won’t come as a surprise when you read that he’s the topic of conversation again. i think, when we as a culture, think of falling in love, it’s a one-time event. An occurrence. You meet the person and you fall–at your own pace, whether that be blindingly fast or over time.

For this girl, falling in love wasn’t a one-time thing. I fall in love all over again. Every day. I fall in love when Mr. K glances over his shoulder at me and smiles, when he holds my hand, when he plays with the kids. I even fall in love again when he texts me and asks, “Tacos?” The exact thing I was thinking of for dinner!

Some days it’s a struggle not to let the romance die–let’s face it, real life isn’t always romantic. Yet, all it takes is a smile, a glance, a touch, and me remembering why I fell in love in the first place. When did you fall in love? How did it happen? Post in the comments below.



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