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When I started to think about topics for my post in the Fall Fantasy Author Series, I realized there are about a million different subjects one could write about. The more I thought, the more options came to mind and the more confused I became. So, after a lot of mental chess, I decided to post today on why I feel it is important to follow your dreams and never give up on them.

Sure, I could go the easy route and list countless examples of people–famous ones, and ones nobody has ever heard of–who have done amazing things because they refused to give up on their dreams. But, what good is that? Without practical or real life examples, it is all a bunch of rhetoric with no substance. So, instead, I thought I would go with a real world example — ME!

I can stand here and say unequivocally, I am living proof you’re never to old to chase after a dream.

I have been writing stories since high school, when I still used a spiral notebook and a pen, and even back then, I dreamed of being published, to have a book on my bookshelf with ‘by Rebecca Brennan’ (Hart was my married name) on it. No matter how many times I drifted away from writing, how many times life – marriage, separation, being a single parent of three children ranging in age from twenty-one to twelve – got in the way, I always found my way back to writing. It’s what I love, how I express who I am, and in tough times, writing has even been my sanity, my balance.

It’s been a long road, most of which has been spent just convincing myself to face the potential rejection and submit a story someplace. I have had almost twenty years to “give up” and admit defeat, to get writing out of my system, to let go of the dream of being published.


Now, at the oh-so-tender age of forty-two, I Can say I have had a dream come true. Since the release of Call of the Sea in June, I’ve been reviewed, interviewed, and had headshots taken. It’s all still a bit surreal to me, but the simple fact is, I have the rare opportunity of crossing an item off my bucket list. I am not sure how many people can say that.

Now, I am living my dream, and looking toward finishing my second novel, and the possibility that story may also end up published (fingers crossed). I have to tell ya, the feeling of accomplishment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced–I highly recommend it.

You can learn more about Rebecca Hart (and her writing) on her blog at: http://rebeccahartwriting.wordpress.com.

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