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The Noru: Blue Rose by Lola St.Vil / @Guardiansgirl

Good morning! Today, we have the cover reveal for The Noru: Blue Rose by Lola St.Vil. Read on to learn more about this new release!

About the Book

The Noru: Blue Rose by Lola St.Vil
(The Noru Series #1)
Publication date: July 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Cover designed by Renu Sharma

After speaking to the other angels on the team, I hang up my cell and sigh. No one’s heard from Aaden in months. This bothers me not only as the leader but as his girl–well if I was his girl–which I’m not. ?Great. Now on top of being grounded, I’m sitting here acting girly and needy. Argh!!!

Screw this! I start to head downstairs to plead my case to my parents again, when something out the window catches my eye. I lean in closer to get a good look. What I see astounds me: soundlessly and without hesitation, the humans line up and jump off the roof one at a time…

About the Author

LolaLola was seven when she first came to this country from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She attended Columbia College in Chicago, where her main focus was creative writing. In addition to plays, she also writes screenplays and short stories.

She has been commissioned to write for ABC, CBS and Princeton University. She won the NAACP award for her play “The Bones of Lesser Men”. In addition to being nominated for LA Weekly awards. Her work has also received positive reviews from The LA Times, Variety and LA Weekly.

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