Book Launch: The Night Watcher by Chris Longmuir / @ChrisLongmuir

Night Watcher Book Launch

Today Love A Happy Ending author, Chris Longmuir, launches her crime thriller Night Watcher!

This is a day for bells and whistles, flags and banners, and breaking out the champagne. It’s a special day. What makes it so special? Well it’s the launch of my paperback, Night Watcher. Hang on a minute, I can hear you say, but hasn’t Night Watcher been on sale for over a year? And you’re right, so maybe I should have said it’s the relaunch of Night Watcher, but that’s not strictly true either, because the version that’s been on sale is an ebook, and the one I’m launching today is a brand new paperback version. It’s still the same good story, just being presented differently.

So why am I launching a paperback when I’m a dedicated electronic publisher? Well it’s like this, when I published Night Watcher as an ebook I had no intention of following it up as a paperback, however, I have had a lot of requests from my readers for a paperback. Every time I gave a talk I was inundated with these requests, so I decided that as a service to my readers I would produce one, and I am pleased to say that the paperback is now on sale from Amazon.

Night Watcher, is the prequel to my Dundee prize winning novel Dead Wood, and is a crime thriller set in Dundee, bringing back DS Bill Murphy and DS Sue Rogers in a story of stalking and revenge.


Story Synopsis

Two stalkers, one target!

A mysterious stranger arrives in Dundee, with a mission to find a new Chosen One to punish. He selects Nicole, a woman with a weakness for men. One of Nicole’s paramours is found hanged and everyone assumes he has committed suicide. However, his estranged wife, Julie, knows better and blames his death on Nicole. Obsessed with the need to punish Nicole, Julie stalks her, unaware that there is another stalker, the deranged and dangerous Night Watcher.

Who will exact punishment on Nicole first? What price will Nicole have to pay for her misdemeanors?

Will Julie’s mind games drive Nicole over the edge? And what price will Julie have to pay for her obsession?

Only the Night Watcher knows!


Night Watcher is the first book in the Dundee Crime Series – Dead Wood is the second.


Review quotes

Night watcher is the sort of novel that keeps the reader glued to its pages, frantically guessing as the plot takes numerous twists and turns. – Alex Gray, Crime Writer

This is a complex and very well crafted tale, beautifully put together -full of a sense of foreboding, and full of menace . . . I kept thinking ‘if Jane Austen wrote crime fiction this might be the sort of thing she’d write. – Catherine Czerkawska

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About the Author

Chris Longmuir is an award winning novelist as well as an established writer of short stories and articles. Night Watcher won the Scottish Association of Writers’ Pitlochry Award, and the sequel, Dead Wood, won the Dundee International Book Prize, as well as the Pitlochry Award.

Follow her on Twitter: @ChrisLongmuir



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Before Chris goes, she wants to invite you to the party going on over at her blog. Bill and Sue and all the gang are there, even the Night Watcher, that’s why she’s called it “Who invited the Night Watcher to the Party?” Come and party with us if you dare!


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  1. Congratulations on launching a paperback of Night Watcher after the success of the ebook version, Chris. I bet your fans will be delighted!

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