Two Versatile Blogger Awards!

Thank you so much to Nicky Wells for granting me this award. She is a wonderful author and I am very much enjoying her book, Sophie's Turn! Also, a fantastic thank you to Linn B. Halton, for also passing on this award! Linn wrote a fab book, Touched By the Light, which I very much enjoyed! What a busy week!

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award (done)
2. Share seven things about yourself (see below)
3. Send it onto fifteen other bloggers you appreciate and let them know you have awarded it to them (see below)

 So…here go seven things about myself:

  1. I hate all vegetables EXCEPT carrots, corn, and green beans. Though I suppose corn is actually a starch.
  2. I love to talk and talk constantly. My husband asked me when we first got married: "Are you going to tell me about every part of your day before you go to bed every night?" My answer? A resounding YES!
  3. I love music. I used to perform as a semi-professional jazz musician and attended two years of music school before I changed my major to Management Information Systems.
  4. I spent eight years working as a software trainer and technical writer.
  5. I work out four-six days a week on the elliptical and use a very low-weight hand weight.
  6. I am a non-conformist. If you tell me to do what everyone else is doing, I'll do the opposite just to be contrary.
  7. I love GLEE and have believed for some time that I should have a group of back up singers following me around each day. Oh, and a horn section.

And without further ado, I would like to pass The Versatile Blogger Award on the following blogs in no particular order:


4 thoughts on “Two Versatile Blogger Awards!

  1. Well deserved! A couple of surprises in those 7 things, but on reflection so very YOU! Love visiting your blog Stephanie, you are a great lady, wonderful Mom and a brilliant author! Lx

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